Beer tasting notes

By: JimOldfield

March 26th, 2013

Once again these take many forms – and indeed there are literally hundreds of adjectives used to describe beers.

Here is a selection of categories you may wish to employ (starting with the all-important name and strength!), together with examples of some terms in use for each:

  • Name and brewery
  • Strength (ABV)
  • Type of beer Pale Ale, bitter, mild, porter, stout
  • Colour Yellow (light/pale/dark straw); Amber (light/pale/dark copper)Brown (light/medium/dark) Black
  • Cloudiness Bright, cloudy, turbid (opaque), clear, hazy, sparkling
  • Head Persistent, fluffy, dissipating, lingering, frothy, tight, dense, smooth, thin
  • Aroma Acetic (vinegary), banana, flowery, complex, barnyard (smell of sweat and urine!), boozy (alcoholic aroma), closed (no aroma), skunky
  • Flavour Hoppy, biscuit, complex, cheesy, big (intense), aggressive, balanced, edgy (sharp), buttery, metallic, skunky
  • Bitterness Sweet, mild, bitter, acetic, sharp
  • Finish (or aftertaste) Hoppy, sharp, smooth, sweet
  • Summary
  • Score (1-5 stars) *(barely drinkable) to ***** (sublime)