Great news-ome! Jem the dog gets a makeover

By: JimOldfield

July 18th, 2016

Jem the dog has long been famous with real ale drinkers… on the bottles and beer engines of East Yorkshire’s renowned Great Newsome family craft brewery.

New Jem the dog branding on Great Newsome bottlesAnd now he’s had a makeover, after his creators decided he was looking a bit dog-tired!

There was no question that Jem might find himself put down, when the Great Newsome team went for a branding upgrade recently.

Instead, the redesign sees the iconic “beer with the dog on” branding given a fresh new look, whilst retaining its original charm, on both bottles and pump clips.

Great Newsome launched the new look at a brewery open day for both trade and drinkers.

MD Matthew Hodgson explained: “It was essential that we preserved and celebrated our farming heritage with the redesign retaining our new-look ‘Jem’, as we’re recognised as the beer with the dog on it!

Jem the dog branding on Great Newsome's Jem's Stout pump clip.“From feedback at the open day, we’re optimistic that the new look branding will go down well both with existing and new Great Newsome consumers and hopefully encourage those craft beer drinkers that have not tasted Great Newsome to give our award winning beers a try!”

The Hodgson family have worked Great Newsome Farm, on teh East Yorkshire coast, for teh past four generations. In 2007 they moved into brewing as well – and now have five cask ales and five bottled ales available at any time.

Among their successes is Frothingham Best, which took a gold award at the World Beer Awards 2013, and Sleck Dust which got a silver in the Standard Bitters category at the Regional SIBA awards 2012.

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