Special Brrrrrrew for Antarctic explorers!

By: JimOldfield

October 30th, 2012

Thirsty British scientists at the South Pole are to get their Christmas wish with an ice-cold in Antarctica – after brewers at their Southampton local invented a special brrrrrrrrew!

The Dancing Man brewery at the Platform Tavern pub is playing Santa to a team from the British Antarctic Survey and Southampton-based National Oceanography Centre – who have asked for a pint on Christmas Day – as they celebrate in the coldest place on Earth.

However, as most ales cannot withstand the glacial temperatures of -90C nor a 10,000 journey, the brewery has created super IPA Pole-Axed.

Brewers Aiden Lavin and Stewart Cross devised the brew from a 200-year-old IPA recipe and used Amercian hops to give it a fruity taste.

They spent 10 hours brewing the ale and a further month checking on its progress in the fermenter every day before deciding it was ready to be bottled.

Now the drink is being poured into plastic bottles, which will then have the air squeezed out of them so the drink has room to expand when frozen, while retaining its vital gasses.

Once it reaches its destination, the engineers and scientists have vowed to leave the 20 pints alone until Christmas day, when they will be enjoyed as a reward for their hard work.

And just so the locals closer to home don’t miss out, Aiden and Stewart are repeating the brew in time for their November beer festival and are also selling it in Southampton off-licences for £4 a bottle.