‘Cut taxes and red tape to help industry’ BBPA boss asks Government

By: JimOldfield

June 27th, 2016

The boss of the British Beer and Pub Association is singing the praises of the country’s pubs, for creating a vibrant workplace for young people.

But BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds called on the Government to do its bit to help the growth industry, with less red tape and lower taxes to help our publicans.

Speaking at the National Licensed Hospitality Industry Apprenticeships Summit in Leicestershire, Ms Simmonds praised the role of UK pub companies in providing training, apprenticeships, and job opportunities.

She revealed that an astonishing 45 per cent of the country’s 600,000 pub employees are under the age of 25 – and so apprenticeships and training to create career progression and a motivated workforce are vital.

And she called for the Government to create more investment incentives for apprenticeship schemes, to increase take up.

She told the Summit: “Apprenticeships are essential for young people entering the trade. A well-trained and highly motivated workforce will improve standards and add value to the sector.

“But the Government must help the industry to create these opportunities for young people, with a better business environment, lower taxes and less red tape.

“Pubs are small businesses working in local communities. They need enthusing, encouraging and incentivising.”

She went on: “We need a simpler process on access to apprenticeships funding from the Government, but it’s a two-way street. As an industry, we can and will do more to promote the benefits of apprenticeships to lessees, tenants and pub operators.

“We need to work for wider recognition that the sector has a lot of opportunities to offer young people and that there is real career progression.

“You can run your own business at the age of 25. This industry provides training and career progression and you don’t require qualifications to start.”