New ‘smell and flavour police’ will put brewers’ ales to the taste!

By: JimOldfield

June 5th, 2012

Tasting notes guesswork could soon be gone, as an expert tasting company tells brewers PRECISELY what their beers taste and smell of!

Global taste management specialist, FlavorActiV, has launched a new expert panel tasting service specifically for brewers comprising 18 independent fully-qualified tasters who have been trained to recognise and scale over 40 different flavours found in beers.

flavoractBrewers receive a full technical sensory report of their brews plus a consumers’ view of the beers. They can use the information for product specification and to improve consistency, as well as targeting their beers to certain audiences.

To offer the new full Tasting Services panel, the Oxfordshire-based company which already works with drinks giants Diageo and Heineken, has teamed up with science consultancy Sensory Dimensions of Reading.

FlavorActiV managing director Richard Boughton, said, “We now have the capacity to assess products from a consumer preference perspective in addition to the objective tasting on which we have built our business to date.

“Both types of assessment are valued by our customers: they want to be confident that their beers or beverages taste consistently to specification, and they also want to know what consumers think of that taste.”

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