New moby-sized CO2 alarm launched

By: JimOldfield

May 13th, 2012

Analox Sensor Technology has launched its most affordable personal CO2 alarm to date – making it easier for employers to ensure that their staff are protected from the deadly gas.

anox130512The new QPD CO2 is smaller and lighter than the average mobile phone, yet it continuously checks carbon dioxide levels and issues audio-visual warnings in the event of danger.

Analox managing director Mark Lewis said: “This small and extremely portable alarm could prevent injury, or even save lives.

It’s ideal, for example, for delivery drivers who visit numerous cellars or for anyone whose job requires them entering any enclosed space where the gas is stored. By carrying a QPD CO2, they can be confident they remain protected wherever they are.

The QPD CO2 works non-stop for two years and comes in at £297.

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