Commercial ‘home-brewing’… via remote control computer system!

By: JimOldfield

April 9th, 2012

A sophisticated computer system – which lets brewers check their beers from home, and even sends them a text if anything goes wrong! – is winning admirers across the UK’s beer industry.

windsor02Yorkshire specialists Cimlogic devised the system for the purpose-built Windsor & Eton Brewery when it was established in 2010, to become the first brewery in Windsor in nearly 80 years.

The micro-brewers wanted an automated process control system, to allow them instant sight of the entire operation and produce consistent, high-quality ales.

The result is Cimlogic’s installation of a web-based remote access system, which allows the brewer to browse in from HOME via broadband – to check the brews and view and control the entire operation remotely!

Cimlogic has added an SMS-alert system, that immediately texts the head brewer in the event of a real-time production problem, minimising downtime and the chance of a wasted brew!

windsor01The system has made possible the production of multiple beers – the brewery makes four regular cask ales, and supplies own-branded beers to pubs in London and Berkshire and online suppliers – without compromising time or quality.

Since the installation of the system, demand for Windsor & Eton has rocketed, with its Guardsman ale selling out at pubs and festivals.

And Cimlogic’s system is proving so exciting that already, two more microbreweries have bought into it.

The success of the system has led Windsor & Eton to develop a complete brewery package for start-up microbrewers. It includes a full automation control system from Cimlogic – who are based in Baildon, West Yorkshire – together with full, on-site installation and set-up.

For more information, call Cimlogic on 01274 599955, email them at   or visit the link below.

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