The sex shop they’re all hopping into… for a pint!

By: JimOldfield

October 23rd, 2012

Swindon has launched its newest pub – built from scratch in a former sex shop!

And The Hop Inn – billed as “a pub for grown-ups” – has already gotten into bed with the real ale lovers of the Wiltshire town by dragging in drinkers.

Owners Jason Putt and his wife Karen Griesel are not tied to any brewery. While specialising in real ales and ciders, they want to offer a complete community pub experience… including innovative ideas such as operating a book exchange.

Jason said: “We want the pub to be a social centre, which pubs don’t lend themselves to any more. We won’t be selling any mass-produced stuffl”.

Since opening, The Hop Inn has been packed to the gunwales and Jason added: “It’s early days, but this is probably a publican’s dream!